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Monday, August 31, 2009 - My Top Ten Reasons not to Buy without a REALTOR - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

When it comes to buying property, Buyers should always research and hire a professional REALTOR® who will provide the best possible service and advice. Below are ten important reasons why no one, regardless of their level of experience, should ever attempt to buy a property offered For Sale by Owner without REALTOR® representation:(1). Risk of entering a dangerous situation with a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Seller one has not met and do not know their past personal history (i.e. is this Seller ... Full Article...
posted in General at Mon, 31 Aug 2009 11:15:55 -0600

Thursday, August 27, 2009 - So you want to Buy an Acreage? - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

Buying an acreage is not without its complications - below are my top ten important risks that must be successfully negotiated and mitigated by any Buyer (recommended while using their REALTOR®) before finalizing an acreage purchase:(1). Is the applicable GST on land included in the purchase price and the responsibility of the Seller once money is received? (2). Do you know the relevant County Bylaws and Zoning Restrictions for this parcel as well as nearby and adjacent parcels (including: road ... Full Article...
posted in General at Thu, 27 Aug 2009 13:02:51 -0600

Sunday, August 23, 2009 - Risks of Buying a Brand-New Home - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

Most Buyers who buy a new home direct from a builder do so without knowing and understanding the additional risks involved. Below are my top five risks to successfully mitigate when buying a brand-new home vs. a pre-owned home:(1). Financial Risks: The list price advertised sometimes fails to mention the 5% GST that is always applied to new homes and raw land (but rarely or never applied to pre-owned homes). Also, usually extra costs must be incurred by the buyer of a brand new home after ...
posted in General at Sun, 23 Aug 2009 07:59:52 -0600

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - The Importance of a Property Inspection - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

Many inexperienced Buyers mistakenly believe they have the knowledge and expertise to know what is right or wrong with a property from a simple viewing walkthrough. These same Buyers believe they can save $500 to $1000+ by simply not having the inspection. The problem with this approach, however, is ?what you do not know can hurt you?. Below is a list of potential problems with a home that can be identified during a property inspection but are not always ascertainable by viewing:(1). The ...
posted in General at Wed, 19 Aug 2009 21:13:41 -0600

Monday, August 17, 2009 - Why Assumable Mortgages should be Avoided - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

Many Sellers believe that allowing and marketing for Buyers to assume their mortgage will increase the chances of their home being sold. The problem with this theory is that it takes money to buy and money must come from somewhere. Below are my Top 5 Risks to Consider if Allowing your Mortgage to be Assumed:(1). Banks often require that high-ratio mortgages have Seller accept personal liability for default.(2). Banks often refuse to allow Buyers to assume the mortgage (e.g. due to bad credit ... Full Article...
posted in General at Mon, 17 Aug 2009 08:38:57 -0600

Thursday, August 13, 2009 - How to Select a Good Real Estate Lawyer - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

Hiring a good real estate lawyer in many cases can be almost as important as hiring a good REALTOR®; a good real estate lawyer can provide outstanding advice and service on the following (but not limited to) topics on a sale or purchase:(a). Real Property Reports and Compliance (including dealing with encroachments, encumbrances, permit issues, negotiating with the municipality, application of Statutory Declarations for older but current documents, etc.) and dealing with title insurance (and ... Full Article...
posted in General at Thu, 13 Aug 2009 13:06:52 -0600

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - My Top Ten Reasons not to Sell without a REALTOR - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

When it comes to selling property, Sellers should research and contact a quality full-service REALTOR® who will provide a detailed home evaluation followed by the listing, quality professional advertising, and eventually the sale for the highest amount the market will generate. As an experienced REALTOR® knowing the value of REALTORS® and MLS® I would not sell any property I own without MLS® exposure using a quality full service REALTOR® and neither should you. Below are my top ten reasons why ... Full Article...
posted in General at Tue, 11 Aug 2009 16:30:00 -0600

Thursday, August 6, 2009 - Buying on a Golf Course? Lookout - FORE! - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

Over my career I have had more than a few clients who thought it would be really nice to live right on a golf course. While this has some definite advantages such as great views and winter tranquility, there are some real risks Buyers must be aware of.For starters, for any Buyer that is not a knowledgable golfer, my advice when buying on a golf course is to find a good REALTOR® who is a very knowledgeable golfer (such as myself) to get a good handle on the risks of buying in a certain location ... Full Article...
posted in General at Thu, 06 Aug 2009 14:29:57 -0600

Thursday, August 6, 2009 - Legalizing a Basement Suite in Edmonton - by Kelly Grant, REALTOR at MaxWell Realty

As a REALTOR® with very good experience on both residential and commercial investment properties, I often get questions from investor clients on the topic of basement suites. Below are Five Steps Required to Legalize a Basement Suite in the City of Edmonton (note: what is supplied in this article is general information only; municipal Bylaws may be subject to change at any time, and readers are encouraged to contact the appropriate municipality for any specific related questions they have):Step ... Full Article...
posted in General at Thu, 06 Aug 2009 11:30:45 -0600

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