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Please feel free to contact Kelly anytime, 7 days a week:

(a). Whenever you are serious about buying or selling property and are ready to schedule a confidential appointment either to begin viewing properties and / or to receive a complimentary market evaluation;

(b). Whenever you know of or have a referral of any family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, or clients who are serious about buying or selling property in the Greater Edmonton Area in the coming months; and / or

(c). Whenever you have questions about a specific listing and / or about the general real estate market. 

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[Credit Notes: (1). Original paintings in advertising / videography is ©2003 Fred Buchwitz - 1/25 A.P.; ©2014 Graeme W. Baxter - 8/25 A.P.; and Rogers Place / Ice District schematic:; (2). Background soundtrack producers: Artyom Telegin; PR Music Productions; Oscar Espinoza; Audioctane; audiophile-trax; Beepcode; Phil Larson; Plastic 3; AurusAudio; and Two Mountains] 

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